Tepe Orthodontic Kit

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What You Get in Your TePe Ortho Kit:
  • TePe Supreme Compact (1) *
  • TePe Implant Orthodontic Brush (1) *
  • TePe Angle Variety Pack - 6 Brushes
  • TePe EasyPick (36 Pack)
  • TePe Compact Tuft (1) *
  • *Product colors may vary.

Featuring specialized brushes designed to effectively clean under and around your orthodontic wires, the TePe Ortho Kit gives you complete daily cleaning for your braces!

  • TePe Supreme Compact has multi-level bristles to reach further between the teeth and along the gumline.

  • TePe Implant Orthodontic Brush allows access in narrow areas like under the orthodontic wire.

  • TePe Interdental Brush allows you to safely remove plaque between your teeth and effectively clean under your orthodontic wire.

  • TePe EasyPick on-the-go option to clean between your teeth and comfortable on the gums.

  • TePe Compact Tuft with a small, firm dome-shaped tuft to allow access for hard-to-reach areas and around brackets.

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Product Brand TePe
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