BlancOne Touch 16% Carbamide 3 Treatments

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  • Type of treatment: Cosmetic, in office
  • Active ingredient:16% Carbamide peroxide – HP 5.6% Hydrogen peroxide
  • Protocol: 3 cycles, 8 minutes each with photoactivation
  • Typical effectiveness: 6/7 shades
  • Recommended frequency: 1/2 times per year

BlancOne Touch: 3 Treatments

To those who have already tried BlancOne CLICK, offer BlancOne TOUCH, the intensive whitening treatment whose results range between 4 and 8 shades on the VITA Classic shade guide.

BlancOne TOUCH is ideal for those patients who want even more visible results in total comfort:

  • SAFE: low percentage of released hydrogen peroxide (5.6%) in compliance with the European Directive
  • EASY TO APPLY: no need of gingival barriers
  • FAST: only one 30 minutes in-office session needed
  • LASTING: TOUCH whitening treatment, thanks to the repetition of the cycles within the same session, is a longer lasting treatment.

Thanks to BlancOne TOUCH your patients will enjoy a whiter smile, using the same principle of the home treatments (16% carbamide peroxide), but in a fast in-office session (3 applications, 8 minutes each) instead of recurring to weeks of home trays.

Concerning BlancOne TOUCH the procedure is very easy: each BlancOne whitening treatment provides for the application – photoactivation – removal of the active gel. The gel is two-component (base and activator) and once mixed, without gingival barriers, it is easily applied on the gums thanks to its consistency, adherence and contrast colour. The gel is photoactivated thanks to the whitening lamp BlancOne ARCUS or equivalent and the process is truly fast with immediately visible results.

BlancOne TOUCH treatment consists of a session in office with 3 cycles of 8 minutes with photo-activation. When starting from darker shades, in each session you can perform another cycle with the same kit. 


Box of 3 treatments each treatment containing:

  • (3 ml) peroxide syringe
  • (1 ml) activator syringe
  • Connector
  • Tip
  • Disposable gag
  • QR code for registration with the App
Product Brand BlancOne
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