Dent-O-Care Interspace Long Head / Medium

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  • Single tufted brush for effect cleaning of the gum margin
  • Designed for cleaning the more difficult to reach areas

Dent-O-Care 403 Interspace brushes offer high quality nylon filaments housed in an ergonomically designed handle. Ideal for cleaning around the gum margin and for stimulating blood circulation.

As recommended for cleaning more difficult to reach areas. Including around wisdom teeth, orthodontic appliances and bridge work. Designed to reach and clean awkward areas of the mouth.

 Ideal for removing plaque from larger spaces between teeth and along the gumline. A brilliant way to ensure top oral hygiene and ideal for cleaning around bridgework and orthodontic appliances.

Dent-O-Care Interspace brushes are specialist brushes are designed to help you remove plaque build up and prevent tooth decay, leaving you with strong and healthy teeth.

Product Brand Dent-O-Care
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